General Process

Each project is unique but designs based on user data have proven to be more successful


We get inspired by watching and listening to users.


Ideas are then produced into designs and prototypes.

User Test

The ideas are then taken back to the user for validation and more observation.

The Founder

James Tucker is a builder. As an early student of architecture and design, he still focuses on the "how and the why" and makes sure his team looks at projects with these creative goggles.

Since 1990, James Tucker has worked in design, advertising, television, marketing and interactive communications.

In 1996 he started Thunk, Inc. a design firm focusing on research inspired designs. The company has won numerous design awards and he states, "the awards just prove that research wins over design. None of the projects were better designed, they just connected with the audience better."

His passion is deeply rooted in branding, cognitive science, user-experience, and human-computer interaction. He has spoken to numerous audiences about process, inspiration, and branding across the country and has worked directly with over 150 companies.

Client Testimonials

We will do whatever it takes and go the extra mile. You can be assured the quality of work will be nothing but the best.

Behavioral psychology techniques applied to product development for business intelligence.

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